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Founder : Late Wr. Sunkari Alwardas
Established : 1986
Headquarters Office :


Secretary General : Wr. G.Viswanadham, Visakhapatnam

INDOCTRINATION: Humanity from ages is looking forward for eternal peace, so that happiness blossoms all over the prosperous. world. All efforts being made all over the world became in vain and left as a mirage.


WALKERS MOVEMENT : But the thought of Global Organization for peace in earth and prosperity for all continued to haunt us. We have been habitual walkers relentlessly pursuing the pleasure of a stroll at dawn, in the twilight hours on the Silver sands of the coast breathing the sweet smell of the morning mist taking the lungful of Oxygen and wondering at the beautiful sight of rising sun. Soon we realized that simple regular brisk walk keeps one in good health. A healthy than is a happy nation and happy nation will be at peace with itself and rest of the world bringing eternal peace and abundant prosperity Father of our Nation. Mahatma Gandhi, is our Margadarshi.

NOTE: Walkers Club regular meeting of August 2014 will be Past Presidents Nite at Hotel Dasapall at 7 PM.
Board Meeting for the month of August 2014 will be on Sunday 17th August 2014.
Byelaws of the Club amended recently.

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