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WALKERS INTERNATIONAL- Walkers Club in a Nutshell


Humanity from ages is looking forward for eternal peace, so that happiness blossoms all over the prosperous world. All efforts being made all over the World became in vain and left as a mirage.


But the thought of Global Organization for peace on earth and prosperity for all continued to haunt us. We have been habitual Walkers relentlessly pursuing the pleasure of a stroll at dawn, in the twilight hours on the Silver Sands of Coast breathing the sweet smell of the morning mist taking the lungful of Oxygen and wondering at the beautiful sight of raising Sun. Soon we realized that simple regular brisk walk keeps one in good health. A healthy man is a happy man and a happy man is at peace with himself and others. A healthy nation is a happy nation and happy nation will be at peace with itself and the rest of the world bringing eternal peace and abundant prosperity Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, is our Margadarsi.


To encourage and foster the ideal “Arogyame Maha Bhagyam” (Health is Wealth).

1. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity to promote habitual walking.
2. To encourage balanced diet.
3. To preserve ecology.
4. To promote universal brotherhood.
5. To maintain high ethical standards.
6. To foster the idea of service.

To simply put it to bring all like minded people under one umbrella and to develop “FRIENDSHIP, FELLOWSHIP & LEADERSHIP WITH SERVICE & HEALTH” as motive and to spread the message ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH, WALK YOUR WAY TO HEALTH”.


Head Quarters at Visakhapatnam : Secretary General is In-charge. This helps the Organization to have continuity by keeping the permanent records of achievements of Elected Body in a systematic manner. Helps in Advisory capacity.

Elected Body every year : International is headed by International President. International is divided into 3 Areas, headed by Area Vice Presidents and each Area is divided into Districts headed by District Governors and each District will have 30 to 40 Clubs. Each Club is headed by Club President. Besides 15 Regional Councillors are elected. The Council guides, controls activities. Chairmen : Besides the above SETUP Chairmen are nominated to look after various committees.


w. i. has so far established 502 clubs including 36 clubs overseas in USA, Brazil, Mozambique, Newzealand and Srilanka till the end of 2008. The movement is becoming strong with Districts becoming active year by year.


subscription : Walker Member has to pay small amount as Life Membership at the time of admission.

FOUNDATION FUND : Trust formed to raise funds and interest there from to be utilised for any philanthropic, charitable, educational and other purposes besides meeting administrative expenses of Trust. Members are requested to donate Rs.10,000/- towards Foundation Fund and become “Mahatma Gandhi Fellow”.


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